The finest selection of natural
fish shaped slate plate art.

Salt or freshwater I can make it all,

just remember to give me a call.

Splartist @ AOL.COM   or Phone 1-330-678-7919 (E.S.T.)

The Splart Fish

Bass Switch Plate, $49.95


Bluegil Triple Combo Switch Plate, $99.95

(You specify switch)

Bluegil Switch Plate, $49.95


Pigfish Switch Plate, $49.95


Bluegill Double Switch Plate, $89.95

Trout Switch Plate, $69.95 (Available in horizontal or vertical with standard or Decora finish.)


Bluegil Double Switch Plate, $89.95

Bass Combo Switch Plate with GFI outlet , $89.95

Peekaboo Bass Custom Outlet Plate, $59.95

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