SPLART Information:


The Discovery of SPLART

One day in my small town

I came home and noticed

that the barn next door fell down

it had a slate roof

I had an idea...

I said to myself..."Self"


"Get that slate out of here"


In my quest to save the planet

I stumbled upon a plan....It would

entail a jouney of craft and art

in this great land

So I traveled ....with

switchplates in hand


In knowing do better

and doing your part

my vision of saving the planet

became "Switchplate Art"


I named it "Splart!"


How I View Switch Plates & Wall Plates

I have a lot of experience with wall sculpture. I believe in sustainibiltiy. In other words I want my work to last, hence stone sculpture. When you recieve my duplex receptacle or "Decora" style plates the first thing you will notice is the hole location is different. The center screw hole in the duplex or "plug" receptacle is GONE. I include two mounting screws that that take the place of not only the center hole of the plate, but also the replace the two screws that hold the device to the wall . This is a safety feature not found in other slate wall plates. I had plates break because of the hole being in the center. I did not want to see my clients unhappy or my work go to waste. The "Decora " plates I create come with two screws that take the place of not only the short screws that are on the outside of the plate, but also the mounting screws that go through the device and into the wall. Again this is better and simple. I supply brass screws that I patina. I found that brass is best because the apperence is complimentary to the wall scuplture. If the screws are shiny brass, fear not, with time they will dull out, oxidize, darken. This is a desirible feature..you know..antique patina.

Andreas Esparsa

"Standard Style"

"Duplex Receptacle"

"Decora Style"

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