The SPLART Philosophy:


The concepts leading to the birth of "switch plate art" or "SPLART"

have been a cumulation of my observances regarding life on this planet.


Be unique.

Splart, I invented it. There are plenty of slate switchplates made, some good, some not so good.

I create "switchplate art." This is an investment collectable to make your life asthetically richer.

Something your neighbors might not have. Splart commissions are one of a kind signed and dated art.


Make people happy.

Hard to replace switchplates, bad remodel jobs where the switch is in a corner or against the trim make these "eyesore" locations in areas of your home beautiful. High traffic areas, entry ways, entertainment rooms, and bedrooms are all ideal locations for SPLART. I am all about "switchplate solutions." I specifically create my work to fill your desires and make you happy I include indentations in the back of my creations to help the plates fit close to the wall. I include brass screws for mounting which have a patina that compliments the slate. Splart, by nature is easy to clean and never wears out.


Do Not harm the environment.

Splart is my way of saving the planet. The waste slate from my work is used as mulch in my yard. The slate is not toxic.


Make your environment work for you.

I am minning the resources of an era that is disappearing from our landscape; Old Ohio barn roof slate tiles from dilapidated barns throughout the countryside. This slate came from quarries in the Eastern US, specifically Vermont and Pennsylania. Slate roof tiles have a life expectancy of about a hundred years. That time is up. New life for this slate as "SPLART "is recycling at its' finest.

This is my dedicated effort to transcend the concept of "recycling" into "fine craft".

The chips and dust left over from my creation process, I have flaked out into

a mulch that is beautiful, and unique with as little waste as possible.

Splartist @ AOL.COM   or Phone 1-330-678-7919 (E.S.T.)